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by on Sep.15, 2008, under Other

I decided it was time to start experimenting with IPv6.
I started with go6.net, so I created an account and installed the software for the tunnel on my linux machine.
apt-get install tspc
add the account info to the config file and you're ready to go. It worked instantly. However it was a little slow (200kB/s and ping times up to 300ms) but that is probably related to the distance between our locations.

So next I tried Hurricaine Electric which have an endpoint at the AMS-IX so that should give me better speed, or at least better ping times. They offer no custom software but instead use protocol 41. Unfortunately it seems that my linksys BEFW11S4 router doesn't let that traffic through (not even when I place my machine in the DMZ) so I looked on.

I finally ended at SixXS which also has several tunnel endpoints in the Netherlands and offer an UDP based protocol that is capable to pass through NAT.  Their software works I get very good speeds and ping times here. The only downside I could find is that you'll have to wait for a week before you can request a /48 subnet, but this should'nt be a big problem, just be patient and besides it gives you the time to figure out how you want to configure your network.
Their service works very good and I'm glad I signed up there. 

Now all I need to do is find a router that is capable of passing protocol 41 and convert my ayiya based tunnel to one that provides less overhead.

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by on Jul.12, 2005, under Other

I've finally installed Linux on my notebook. Which distribution? touch choice…
Eventually it came down to the difference in package management systems
and the two systems I liked most are 'apt' which is found in debian
based distributions and 'emerge' from the gentoo distribution. I went
for gentoo mostly because I feel that it gives me more controll over
what I want to install. I had my thumbs crossed because I really wanted
to use the packages cd (you really don't want to wait untill KDE is
compiled before you can use your system). I must have f*cked up
somewhere in the process, because I only managed to install KDE from
the packages disc (maybe I should have disconnected the ethernet
However overall I'm satisfied with the time the installation took, and
it may be worth mentioning that the gentoo manual is very detailled and
complete. I hope that I can take a peek at Sun's project Looking Glass once I figured out which ATI drivers I should use.

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