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Fold n' drop

by on Jul.21, 2005, under Java

I ran into a cool thing called fold n' drop while reading an entry on the Romanian guy's blog.
it allows you to fold all windows that you want to put away while dragging an item.
drop n fold

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by on Jul.12, 2005, under Other

I've finally installed Linux on my notebook. Which distribution? touch choice…
Eventually it came down to the difference in package management systems
and the two systems I liked most are 'apt' which is found in debian
based distributions and 'emerge' from the gentoo distribution. I went
for gentoo mostly because I feel that it gives me more controll over
what I want to install. I had my thumbs crossed because I really wanted
to use the packages cd (you really don't want to wait untill KDE is
compiled before you can use your system). I must have f*cked up
somewhere in the process, because I only managed to install KDE from
the packages disc (maybe I should have disconnected the ethernet
However overall I'm satisfied with the time the installation took, and
it may be worth mentioning that the gentoo manual is very detailled and
complete. I hope that I can take a peek at Sun's project Looking Glass once I figured out which ATI drivers I should use.

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Text user interfaces

by on Jul.10, 2005, under Java

I found a project called Charva.
Charva is a replacement for the javax.swing & java.awt packages
wich allows you to write applications for a terminal using an api
almost identical to the one you are used to.

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JBoss & EJB3

by on Jul.08, 2005, under Java

JBoss has released beta 1 of their implementation of the EJB 3 standard (for as far as the specification is finished)
or to quote Bill Burke "The
spec was a fast moving target the past few weeks, so we still need to
cross the T's and dot the i's as far as spec compliance goes".

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by on Jul.06, 2005, under Java

is a multi-user distributed version control system based on change
sets, or at least that is wat it will be. It shares a lot of
functionality with subversion,
but even though it has already reached version 2.0 I'd recommend
sticking with subversion for the moment, but since it's very easy to
use / setup it could be usefull for projects with only one user.
I'm very intrested to see how the peer to peer (without the central server) scenario will work out in the future.

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rss / nntp

by on Jul.06, 2005, under Other

nntp//rss is an
application that contains an NNTP server and allows you to represent
RSS feeds as newsgroups so you can read the feeds with your favorite
client (e.g. Outlook Express, Thunderbird, ..)
It comes with an web interface for administration & monitoring purposes

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by on Jul.05, 2005, under Java

There is a new release coming soon…
This will finally include an eclipse plugin to visualize the design
decisions and their dependencies at runtime. This should greatly
improve the process of debugging your applications.

For those who don't know what Archium
is, Archium is a new programming language which I worked on during my
traineeship at the university, for more information see the archium
website www.archium.net.
I personally think that one of the best features is that archium allows
you to change your application at runtime, allowing you to update your
software while it continues to run.

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by on Jul.05, 2005, under Java

I recently discovered Direct Web Remoting.
DWR is a framework wich makes it easy to call serverside code from the
client side and allows you to do all kind of cool things. Even though
it is still impossible to push information from the server to the
client this allows you to build a more rich interface.

for example, if you wanted to update a record in the database through a
form, this technology allows you to verify if the new data can be
inserted or if the record has been updated by another user without the
need to leave the page.
Another example is Google Suggest which provides a list with possible search terms and the amount of results while you type.

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